Friday, April 23, 2010

IGMS On Hiatus

Well, if you’ve been anywhere near the Intergalactic Medicine Show site, you are now aware that IGMS is on hiatus.  First of all, let me assure you: we are still reading submissions; we are still purchasing stories.  We’ll be back in June with a new look and new features.

Secondly, I want to clear up the rumors about Edmund’s surgery.  It was a shoulder surgery; that’s all.  He was not taken to a secret medical laboratory in Alaska and fitted with nanocarbonite underskin.  Edmund assures me that the red tinge in his eyes is merely from a lack of sleep, and not from a mini gauss turret installed in his skull.  His “conspicuous” absence, so-called, at editorial meetings has nothing to do with the lunar cycle; and further, he has ALWAYS liked his steak that rare.

Really.  I don’t know where you people come up with this stuff.  Can’t a guy have  surgery without his peers and colleagues thinking that a shady post-government agency has vivisected him and replaced his guts with robotic werewolf/vampire parts?  Sure, he’s a bit changed after the surgery—but who are we to judge? 

Let he who is without sin, or whatever, cast the first stone.

--Scott M. Roberts, Asst. late night snack Editor

Monday, April 12, 2010

Best Horror of the Year, Volume Two

Ellen Datlow, luminary editor-of-just-about-everything has posted the honorable mentions from her Best of Horror  Anthology (vol 2) efforts.  The following stories from IGMS are…um… mentioned.  Honorably.

Beagle, Peter “Vanishing,” issue 11.
Lustig, E. A. “The Sin Hypothesis,” issue 11.
Roberts, Scott M. “The End-of-the-World-Pool,” issue 12.

You can pick up Datlow’s anthology at the following fine online retailers:

Barnes and Noble