Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I've noticed my last few posts have been getting a little on the long side, so this one will be brief. I just wanted to let you know that the interview I did with Mur Lafferty for her podcast "I Should Be Writing" is now live: it's her entry for September 14th. My sending you there is a something of a leap of faith, as technical difficulties have prevented me from hearing it myself. Someone drop me a note if I sound like too much of a fool...



CharlesP said...

It was a good interview, not very much foolishness at all (and her audio troubles were less severe than mine, so you can be heard better). I hope it helps raise awareness (and sales) for IGMS.

Kay said...

Good interview. My first real experince with audio on a webpage so I thought the troubles were fairly minor.
I've been browsing about through other "author" web pages.
Check mine out if you get the chance.