Tuesday, October 31, 2006


...as in, shameless self-promotion. But I'm gonna do it anyway, because if I don't, who will?

I'm pleased to you all that I've come to a final agreement with LBF Books, a small-press operating out of Pittsburg, PA.

LBF will be publishing my novel, The Legend of Dreaming Creek, next summer, with an official launch date most likely in June or July. LBF is on Preditors & Editors list of recomended publishers and they use Baker & Taylor as their primary distributor. For a brief synopsis of TLoDC, you can visit my website: http://www.edmundrschubert.com/dreamingcreek.htm

Also, I am leaving this Thursday for World Fantasy in Austin TX. I'll be back early next week and will give you a full report then.


Maria said...

First trip to Austin? It's a great place. Let me know if you need restaurant ideas, etc. The weather is nice here right now, 60 to about 75, high forties and fifties at night.

Aliette said...

Congrats on the novel publication! That's definitely no mean thing.

Hope you have a good time at World Fantasy. I'll have to satisfy myself with the report :)

Edmund R. Schubert said...

Thanks, all. It was a great trip. My ony regret is that I didn't get out to see more of Austin itself. Some of us had plans to go to a Blues club called Antones, but they fell through at the last minute and we were all pretty bummed.

Brad Beaulieu said...

I don't think I ever properly said congratulations for the publication, Edmund. Well done you!

Maria said...

I'm quite sure I neglected the congrats also. I also didn't realize it was your first novel. Wow!!! Excellent!

I used to work at a library--if you need any advice on when to contact libraries to talk them into carrying your book or other info on how to promote it through libraries, feel free to email me (easiest way is probably through my blog: wwww.BearMountainBooks.com)

Very best of luck to you and Very Big Congrats on getting it published!!!

Linda Donovan said...

Absolutely wonderful news on the publication date! I know how much you went through to get this done, and writing and editing the novel was sadly the lesser part of the effort!

Way to go!

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck!