Friday, November 17, 2006

My new friend, Edgar

Twilight Times Books, the publishers of Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine has been added to the Mystery Writers of America list of approved publishers. This means (among other things) that they are now eligible to nominate stories to the preliminary ballot for the Edgar Award (the Mystery Writers version of the Nebula Award).

All of which is a lot of preamble to say that I just got an e-mail from the publisher/owner of Twilight times Books telling me that they are nominating my story “Good With Directions” (one of the featured stories in the May/June ’06 issue of Futures) for the Edgar in the category of best short story. It’s just a preliminary nomination, but it’s my first brush with a major award and I’m pretty excited.

(Insert picture of me with big dumb grin here: _____________;-))


Maria said...

Aw, come'on, put the picture of you in there!!! I can imagine the grin. I'm green with envy. This is a super nomination, whether you win or not. It's great news!

Pamela King Cable said...

It just keeps getting better, doesn't it, Ed? It's no surprise to me. Although, I'm as proud of you as you can possibly imagine. With each new success, I look back and smile. I see a pattern here ... I can see many awards in your future. And I'm still going to be smiling ... Congrats, Ed!

Aliette said...

Way cool!

Rick Novy said...

Big fat honkin' congratulations, my man!

Edmund R. Schubert said...

Thanks, y'all.

(I live in the South; I'm legally required to use "y'all" once a day.)

Fran Friel said...

Ed - That's just fantastic news, my friend. I'm thrilled for you. On, sir, to the final ballot!! Woohoo!

Hugs from CT, y'all,