Wednesday, July 18, 2007

IGMS Now An SFWA Pro Market

I am very happy to announce that IGMS is now a SFWA Qualified Professional Market, and that all sales - retroactive to the very first issue - now count toward those authors' SFWA membership requirements.

A ton of credit has to go to Orson Scott Card for agreeing to remove the $500 cap and approving a new pay rate of 6 cents a word for the first 7,500 words and 5 cents a word for every word thereafter. IGMS already met all the other SFWA requirements and that was the last hurdle to be cleared.

Of course, I'll now have to be doubly selective of those stories I buy over the 10,000 word mark, but I don't see that being a major issue. I've only bought two so far.

Congratulations to everyone already (or soon to be) published in IGMS: you've now got one more SFWA pro sale to your credit.


Ralan said...

Congratulations on this fine accomplishment. The news is posted!

Janna Silverstein said...

A SFWA market? That's spectacular news, Edmund! Just excellent.

And on an unrelated note, it's nice to have discovered your blog. I've been through IGMS a hundred times and only just now found the link to your blogger space. I'll definitely drop by again.

Maria said...

Hi Edmund--

Any chance of an update on what month the slush pile is at? I noticed from the black hole postings it looks like the slush is a few days past the 90 mark. It would be helpful (to me anyway) to see an update if you have one available. Hopefully posting updates saves you some queries, but I guess that's hard to say!

Over on your page--did I read that the small publisher that was going to publish your book went under???? I am Totally bummed on your behalf. That is bad news. Was it related to the collapse of the big book distributor? I had read on galleycat that when that distributor went under without paying for the books it had that it affected a ton of small publishers.


Edmund R. Schubert said...


I'm not sure about the specifics, but I do know that not getting paid by their distributor is what sent my first publisher under.

The good news is that a Canadian publisher acquired all their contracts a few months later and my novel will still be published sometime in 2008. That's a year later than originally planned, but at least it's still getting published.

Maria said...

Edmund---Really glad to hear that it found a new home!