Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Freak Added To The Show

I’m very pleased to announce that starting in January of 2008,
IGMS’s monthly book reviews will be written by Tobias S.
Buckell. Tobias is a Caribbean-born speculative fiction
writer and
professional blogger who grew up in Grenada, the
British Virgin Islands
, and the U.S.
Virgin Islands. He has
published over 30 short
stories in various magazines and
anthologies. His first two novels are out from
Tor in book-
stores near you, and his third, Sly Mongoose, is
due out in
2008. You can find him at
Highly qualified, Tobias had previously written book reviews
for Kirkus and his grandmother on his father’s side. He
underwent a rigorous interview process, wherein I said, “Hey,
want to write some book reviews for us?” He replied with a
cagey, “Well…” I countered, saying, “We pay in fame, fortune,
and a player to be named later, but not much cash.” I knew I
had his attention. So we thumbwrestled for it (best of seven,
I took him in six tightly fought matches) and the rest is,
as they say, history.
Welcome, Tobias. We’ll be expecting freakishly great things
from you.

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