Friday, May 30, 2008

ConCarolinas May 30 - June 1, 2008

Hi Edmund,

Carol, our Programming Director, should be emailing out individual schedules this week, I think. Until then, I have a preliminary schedule and will be happy to tell you what you are scheduled for on there. Just know that there could be a few minor changes in that schedule. Here’s what I see you listed for so far…

Friday, 7:00pm – A Rose by Any Other Name - The importance of naming your characters, worlds and books.

Saturday, 10:00am – Not This $#!* Again! – Overused plot devices and how to avoid them (or if you should). (MODERATOR)

Saturday, 12:00pm – You Had Me At Hello – How to hook your readers with your opening chapter. (MODERATOR)

Saturday, 2:00pm – Putting Words to Paper (or Computer Screen) – How to increase your writing productivity and power through writer’s block. (MODERATOR)

Saturday, 3:00pm – Effective Tools for that First Sale – Steps to take to make that first writing sale.

Saturday, 5:00pm – Putting the Science in your Science Fiction – Do you need to be a scientist to write good sci-fi?

Saturday, 9:00pm – We Welcome our Evil Overlords – The best villains, the worst and the ones we secretly root for.

Sunday, 9:00am – Writer’s Workshop – Join our authors as they guide your through the process of creating genre fiction. Bring paper, pencil and your imagination! (2 hours) (MODERATOR)

Sunday, 11:00am – Books for Brunch – What are you reading, what do you want to read and what books do you find yourself re-reading over and over? (MODERATOR)

Sunday 1:00pm – Finding an Agent – Dogwood (MODERATOR)

Sunday, 3:00pm – Cover Letters – How to get an editor’s attention before they even read your work. (MODERATOR)


Stephanie McClung

Asst. Guest Services Director

ConCarolinas 2008

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