Monday, June 16, 2008

Peter Beagle's IGMS Story In Top 10 for 2007

Just a quick tidbit: Peter Beagle's story, "We Never Talk About My Brother," from issue 5 has been named one of the Top 10 stories of 2007 on storySouth's Million Writer's Award. As of tomorrow "We Never Talk About My Brother" will be available for free on the IGMS website for the duration of the voting, so that people can read it and decide if they want to vote for it as the top story of the year. This same story is also up for a Locus Award for Best Novelette of 2007, and it makes the second straight year an IGMS story has landed on storySouth's Top 10 list. I'm really pleased for both Peter Beagle, who's a great guy who's written an exceptional story (the day Scott Card read it his first comment was that the story ought to win some awards and it looks like a lot of folks agree with him on that), and for IGMS, which is slowly but surely catching on and getting noticed within the SF community as well as outside of it.

In a happy coincidence, the upcoming issue of IGMS (issue 9, due out at the end of the month) will feature another new Peter Beagle story, a Japanese fable titled, "The Tale of Junko and Sayuri."

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