Monday, September 29, 2008

Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2008

Just got a sneak peek at the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, which will be out shortly. I had given five stories to Ellen Datlow and told her that although IGMS wasn't really a horror magazine, those were the five I thought might best fit what she was looking for. To my pleasant surprise she gave Honorable Mentions to four of the five.

They are: Peter Beagle's "We Never Talk About My Brother;" Mike Strahan's "In The Beginning, Nothing Lasts;" William John Watkins "The Polka Man;" and Magit Schmitt's "Under Janey's Garden."

This is from the Year's Best 2008, covering stories published in 2007. I've sent her more stores from 2008 (of course) and if she doesn't reprint James Maxey's "Silent As Dust" (issue 7, Jan. '08) I'll poke her with a pointy stick. Several others (including Alethea Kontis's 's "Blood & Water" (issue 9, July '08), which has already received a preliminary recommendation for a Stoker Award for Best Short story in 2008, should also get noticed. But that's next year's YB and I'm getting ahead of myself.

Congrats to all of this year's HM's.

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