Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good News

Actually, two bits of good news:

1) The publisher of Dreaming Creek was already listing my novel on their website for $1 less than cover price ($14.95 instead of $15.95). Now they are also having a sale, with all books (e-book and print books) being offered during the month of November at 35% off. That makes DC only $9.72 + S&H! Details at the publisher's website.

2) We're just about ready to publish the next issue of InterGalactic Medicine Show. That means I can start running essays by the authors in issue ten instead of running my mouth about my novel. The upcoming authors and their stories are:

Dave Farland - How Sweetly The Dragon Dreams

Mette Ivie Harrison - Pi

Ami Chopine - The Tile Setters

Marie Brennan - A Heretic by Degrees

Eric James Stone - The Robot Sorcerer

David Simons - The Fort In Vermont

and part one of Greg Siewert's novelette - The Absence of Stars

You'll also find new stories by David Lubar, and an interview with Harry Turtledove by Darrell Schweitzer

So tune in here soon for the Story Behind the Stories, and to InterGalactic Medicine Show for, well... the stories


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