Thursday, February 19, 2009

TV Interview? What TV Interview?

A friend of mine who is friends with one of the local morning news TV personalities gave her a copy of my novel, Dreaming Creek. That's the way of the world, right? A little ‘friend-of-a-friend’ networking. She reads enough of the book to decide that she likes it (you know they never read the whole thing) and then invites me to come on TV to talk about it. Cool beans. I’ve done plenty of print interviews, and maybe a half-dozen podcasts, but this is my first time with a major media outlet.

So... I get to the TV station this morning, get buzzed in the door, and am greeted by a producer whose first words are "Who are you and why are you here?" She honestly has no idea.

Much scurrying and scrambling ensues. Computers and logbooks are consulted. Finally the news anchor who invited me is pulled off the set during a commercial break. "I swear I wrote it in the book," she says three or four times, all the while poring over a book that clearly doesn't have my name written down anywhere in the schedule for this week (or next, or the week after that). Numerous apologies are made on their part; I smile and just keep saying "It's no big deal." What else is there to say?

An hour later I’m at home, working on various magazine stuff, when I get an email from the TV producer saying they finally figured out what happened. Apparently my friendly neighborhood news anchor wrote me in for March 19th, when she meant to write it in for February 19th. Oops. These things happen. (Though I’d like to know why I’m such a magnet for them; they may happen, but they seem to happen to me with disproportionate frequency.)

I'm scheduled to try again next week, Wednesday morning. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

Oh well, could have been a whole lot worse…

Assuming it comes off this time, I’ll post a link to the interview when the station adds it to their website.



Dena said...

I can just see you standing there, trying to convince this producer you're legit and them saying, "Mm-hmm. You say you know our anchor? I seeeee. And Santa Claus? Do you know Santa Claus too?"


Edmund R. Schubert said...

Channeling Blair, are we...?