Friday, May 01, 2009

IGMS Issue 12 is Live

Issue 12:

Table of Contents

"Over There"

by Tim Pratt

Art by Anselmo Alliegro

"The Multiplicity Has Arrived"

by Matthew S. Rotundo

Art by Jin Han

"Somewhere My Love"

by Stephen Mark Rainey

Art by Nick Greenwood

"The End-of-the-World Pool"

by Scott M. Roberts

Art by Anna Repp

"Hologram Bride: Part One"

by Jackie Gamber

Art by Julie Dillon

Folk of the Fringe Serialization: "West"

by Orson Scott Card

Art by Scott Altmann

Orson Scott Card Audio: "Somewhere My Love,"

by Stephen Mark Rainey

Read by Orson Scott Card

Art by Nick Greenwood

Tales for the Young and Unafraid by David Lubar

"The Crack"

by David Lubar

Art by Lance Card

InterGalactic Interview With Joe Haldeman

by Darrell Schweitzer

Essay: Story Subs like American Idol

by Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury

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