Tuesday, August 10, 2010

IGMS #18 Preview

Intergalactic Medicine Show #18 is LIVE, featuring the following stories:

trinity-county-CA_small Peter S. Beagle returns to IGMS with a rip-roaring tale of two dragon control officers in Trinity County, CA.

Be prepared to get surreal in Willam T. Vandemark’s  forcing coin_smallForcing Coin. What’s life without a little mystery, the protagonist asks.


Stultifying, comes the answer from another story on the opposite end of the genre spectrum. Every square inch of old Earth is mystery of miranda_small known, measured, mapped—but there’s a great big solar system out there, if Lance can just get there. Places to go, mysteries to see—and none more startling than David Simon’s The Mystery of Miranda.


quanta of art_small Change your venue, change your mind (literally) with British author Adam Colston’s The Quanta of Art. Ah, modern art! You might be skeptical at first—the story’s hapless gallery owner, Mr. Whistler is. But, like I said…you’ll change your mind once you behold Violix’s latest work. Careful not to stare too long…

roomie_small Think you’ve got roommate troubles? Could be worse. Could be much, much worse, according to Chase Guymon’s How about it, Roomie?


And finally, someone named Orson Scott Card considers eye for eye 2_small bioelectrical energy, family ties, love, Biblical-style vengeance, religion, race, and bad makeup in part two of Eye for Eye.


All this plus interviews, audio recordings, fantastic artwork, and more in Intergalactic Medicine Show #18!

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