Thursday, February 23, 2012

IGMS Awards Anthology Book Signing

Orson Scott Card, Edmund Schubert, Dena Harris, and Scott M. Roberts were on hand at the Friendly Center Barnes and Noble in Greensboro, NC for a book signing on February 10.
The signing commemorated the release of the IGMS Awards Anthology and Orson Scott Card’s novel, Shadows In Flight.  It kicked off at 7pm.  Edmund and Dena talked about getting the anthology together for publishing, and about the search for good short stories.  Scott read a selection from his story ‘The End of the World Pool’ which appears in the anthology; then Orson Scott Card talked about Ender’s Game, writing, education, history…pretty much everything.
You can purchase the IGMS Awards Anthology from Spotlight Publishing, from Amazon (paperback | Kindle), or Barnes and Noble.
Book Signing 002

Orson Scott Card preparing to speak

Book Signing 003

Left to right: Orson Scott Card, Edmund Schubert,  Scott M. Roberts, Dena Harris

Book Signing 008
Edmund Schubert shows off the anthology

Book Signing 011

Dena Harris talking publishing.

Book Signing 009

Scott M. Roberts in standard, government approved,  authorial pose.

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