Thursday, August 10, 2006

That Darn Business Mag Again

Well, it's either that darn business mag again or I can rant about the organizers at DragonCon, who decided I was not important enough to merit guest status at their little soiree. And who wants to hear me rant...?

On the other hand, I did just get word from the publisher of North Carolina Career Network Magazine that between the new bookstore sales, subscriptions, and other mailings, we are increasing our production this issue to somewhere around 15,000 issues. It's nice to know we're making that kind of progress. I look forward to the day when IGMS has those kinds of numbers, too. Soon, soon. (Then those dogs at DragonCon will rue this day... )

P.S. Just got a pile of print-outs from IGMS's managing editor Kathleen Bellamy. It's the stories from issue two, which I'll be mailing out to the various Year's Best editors. Best of luck to authors Brad Beaulieu, David Farland, Ty Franck, William Saxton, Scott Danielson, Al Sarrantonio, Eric James Stone, and, of course, our own Orson Scott Card.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Schubert,

I've read your work and been hooked for some time! When do you expect your novel -- The Legend of Dreaming Creek to be out in stores? Is there anyway to get a signed copy? Do you believe in spy turtles?

Edmund R. Schubert said...

I do believe in spy turtles; the governemnt has had a covert operation underway to plant spy turtles in peopl's yards for many years now. It started with a covert operation in New Jersey, but has spread across the nation in a very short time. Beware the spy tutrles: they are watching you.

As for my novel, the last officia word I heard was that it was supposed to come out in June of '07. Thanks for asking.