Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Million Writers Award (x 4)

Each and every year StorySouth (http://www.storysouth.com/) lists, by way of its Million Writers Award, what it considers the best short stories published on-line that year. I'm tickled to announce that InterGalactic Medicine Show had four stories honored thus for 2006. :

"In the Eyes of the Empress's Cat" by Brad Beaulieu from issue 2, and

"Dream Engine" by Tim Pratt,

"Small Magics" by Alethea Kontis, and

"The Box of Beautiful Things" by Brian Dolton from issue 3.

IGMS tied for the third most stories on the list (with Strange Horizons, Baen's Universe, and a few others). Congratulations to the authors of these fine stories, whose work is notable indeed.

To see the full list visit StorySouth at:



Alethea said...

Woohoo! :)

Brian Dolton said...

I, like, totally second that.

Brad Beaulieu said...