Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hatrack Forums

What's going on with the recent inaccessibility of the Hatrack Website, and especially the forums? I've been asked that a bunch lately and finally have an answer. The short version is that someone, somehow, got into the Hatrack system and was using it to send copious amounts of spam, so the ISP that handles Hatrack's account shut them down.

OSC's web guru has been working seven days a week trying to remedy the situation and many of the key pages have been restored, but the forums (for technical reasons beyond my ken) remain problematic and it is possible that they may have to be rebuilt from scratch. Pray that that's not the case because if it comes to that then all of the old posts will be lost. I'll gladly continue to provide updates as I get new information myself, but at the moment that's what I can tell you.

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