Monday, September 24, 2007


Got this a week or so ago, submitted via the IGMS Contact Page.

I enjoyed the poem at the end so much that I had to share.
Topic: Letters to the Editor

Comments: Dear Mr. Schubert,
Thank you for visiting Ann Crispin's writing workshop at
Dragon*Con. (I was in the second row on Sunday.) Your
comments were helpful, and I appreciate your taking the
time to be there. Hope you enjoyed the Con and had safe
travels. Here's a limerick especially for you:
Tiny Things (for Ed)
They creep, wiggle, mutate, and may
Blind you with pain, stab and slay,
Rogue monsters enraged?
No, just words on the page
After reading a million a day

Gwen Veazey
Morganton, NC

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