Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wolverton / Farland Novel Writing Workshop

With the work that I've been doing on IGMS and other for-hire writing/editing projects taking center stage in my life and my schedule, I've written very little of my own fiction in the last year. In an attempt to get back on track I've taken a few steps, one of which is to sign up for Dave Wolverton's Novel Writing Workshop. Dave also writes under the name Dave Farland and is probably best know for his Rune Lords series.

Well anyway, next April ('08) Dave is holding a Novel Writing Workshop.
There are a lot of great things about it, and (for me anyway) one big negative, which is that it is being held in Utah. This automatically makes it a pretty expensive proposition, once you factor in air and car and hotel etc., but for a lot of reasons I've decided to bite the bullet and attend. As I've already said, I need to take some serious steps to get back on track with my own writing. I've already traded a few e-mails with Dave and made the necessary arrangements, so I'm definitely going.

There are a few slots left (not many), so I thought I'd put it out there in case anyone else was interested. It's looks pretty intense and comprehensive. It's also only one week long, which is as much time as I can carve out of my schedule, so that's a plus. Also it's specifically about novels, as opposed to Clarion and Odyssey and even OSC's Boot Camp, which are about short stories. Novels are very different creatures from short stories and the novel is something I've not specifically studied yet. I'm excited about going.

If anyone wants more details, check out this page on Dave's website:

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