Thursday, October 16, 2008

CapClave 2008 -

I'm off to CapClave tomorrow (Hilton Washington DC/Rockville, Executive Meeting Center,
1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland 20852).

From their website:

"Capclave, the Washington, D.C. area science fiction literary convention, offers a relaxed atmosphere in which notable authors, editors, critics, artists, and fans explore the creation and enjoyment of fantasy and science fiction. Capclave focuses on short stories, but also gives lots of attention to novels, movies, and TV. Because we're small, we're friendly and fun, not frantic."

My schedule is:

Saturday 12:00pm

Is the Face of Short Fiction Changing?

As the traditional digest magazines shrink in both size and audience, what are some of the new vehicles for short stories? What new roles are being played by the small press, web magazines, and corporate supported sites? Anthologies? What can be done to save short fiction?

Kathryn Cramer (m), Neil Clarke, Edmund Schubert, Sean Wallace, Hildy Silverman

Saturday 2:00pm

Workshop – Writing

Allen Wold with Edmund Schubert, Davey Beauchamp, and Jeri Smith-Ready. Bring paper and a writing implement. All else will be explained at the beginning of the session.

Allen Wold, Davey Beauchamp, Edmund Schubert, Jeri Smith-Ready

Saturday 3:00pm

Workshop - Writing (cont)

Saturday 7:00pm

What Editors Want

Editors discuss what they are looking for in a manuscript and what authors can do to increase their chances of selling a story or book. What is within the author's control? How does the editor make the decision, how quickly, and on what basis?

Edmund Schubert (m), Neil Clarke, Moshe Feder, George Scithers, Christopher Cevasco

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