Friday, October 03, 2008

Group Author Signing - Orson Scott Card, Edmund R. Schubert & James Maxey

Get out your calendars; I just got final word on a group signing I'll be doing with Uncle Orson and James Maxey (and possibly Scott Roberts (we're still waiting with bated breath (or is it 'baited' breath; I was never sure)) to see if he can make it). James will have his three novels, I'll have my new, fresh-off-the-presses first novel (Dreaming Creek), and OSC will have his extensive collection of novels (though this signing is primarily to promote his new one, Ender In Exile). And, of course, all of us will be signing copies of the IGMS antho, which is what set this whole group thing in motion in the first place.

The event will be on Friday, December 5th, at 7pm, at the Barnes & Noble in Greensboro, NC. Anyone in the area (or not in the area, if you don't mind traveling) is invited and encouraged to come join us.

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