Friday, January 19, 2007

It Must Be The Drugs

Maybe it's just the drugs they gave me after my surgery (which went as well as can be expected from four hours of a dentist slicing up your gums) and normally I make a point of avoiding this kind of thing. But I got this from a writer friend of mine named Julie Wright and for some reason decided to do it. Julie wrote, "Okay, you’ve been tagged on my blog. The deal is you have to write your next post about five things no one (or very few) people know about you. Go to it guys . . . no flaking on me. Jules" (

So, here goes:

1. During my senior year in college I published an small underground/alternative newspaper. Only about a half dozen close friends who were involved with my little venture knew I was responsible for it; all anyone else knew was that that it appeared around campus about twice a month. One night I was in a bar shooting pool with a buddy of mine and these two girls came in. We bought them beers and invited them to join us and somewhere along the line the conversation turned to the 'mysterious' underground newspaper that was showing up around campus. The girls said that they had had a class that day where the professor spent the entire lecture period discussing things related to the 'mystery' newspaper. Naturally I was tickled. Cool, I thought, my work is actually being studied in a college class. Then I asked the girls what class it was. Their answer? Abnormal psychology.

2. My first job after college was as an assistant editor for a publisher in New York and they fired me after about a month. When I asked why they were letting me go, they said that my productivity was great, but that I was having too much fun while doing my job.

3. My second job after college was in the human resources department of a big company in New York in the fashion industry. One day they needed a last minute-replacement for a model for a photoshoot and decided to use me. My modeling career only lasted about half and hour, but it was fun while it lasted.

4. I'm a big hockey fan and I once lived next door to a professional hockey player whose team won the Stanley Cup. At a party at his house afterwards I got to drink champagne from the Stanley Cup.

5. I ran a nursery and garden center for several years. A couple of times during the summer when it was hot and there were no customers around, my wife and I would grab a blanket, climb up on top of the main building (the side facing away from the road) and make love on the roof.

Or is that last one too much information?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps just a tad bit too much info. Sweet, perhaps, but I'm not sure we need to know that. Heh. Hope your mouth gets better soon.

--Jeff P.

Anonymous said...

I actually detect a theme here of having fun :-) while you work - common to all five except maybe the hockey one. My husband and I love hockey, so I'll pass that tidbit on. He's sure to enjoy it.

Good for you for getting through the tough part. The healing might be tough, but at least the worst is over!

Good luck.


Julie Wright said...

Sorry you're in pain, but I had a good time learning more about you. Drugs. Those are good things when people slice your gums. I enjoy being a baaaaaad influence.

Anonymous said...
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Maria said...
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Edmund R. Schubert said...

Fun. I hadn't noticed that theme, but you're right. Oscar Wilde has got millions of great quotes, but one of my favorites is "Life is too important to be taken seriously." Words to live by.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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