Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nits and Bits and Nibbles

Nothing major to report, just nits and bits and (well, you know the rest).

The dental/oral surgery went reasonably well and the stitches are supposed to come out of my gums tomorrow. Made the mistake of not taking my meds before I went to bed last night and woke up in a lot of pain. I'm guess not done with the drugs yet, but forward progres is being made.

Putting the last touches on the new issue of the business magazine this week. Since I'm leaving for ChattaCon on Thursday and won't be coming home until late Monday (and the files have to be downloaded to the printer by Monday), I have today and tomorrow to wrap up NCCNM. (Minus, of course, the time I'm at the periodontists getting the stitches removed.) (What in the word am I doing writing here then?)

Issue four of IGMS is now targeted for a release date of Feb. 19th. That's four and half months since the last issue came out. Not quite quarterly, but progress in the right direction. I've got issue five just about finalized (I need one more great SF piece to round out the content), and my goal is to have issue five done (at least as far as my part is concerned) before issue four goes live. In a perfect world issue four would have "Coming Attractions" listd with the next issue's content. Stay tuned to see if I make it...


Fran Friel said...

I hope the mouth feels better soon, Ed. I'm looking forward to that next IGMS issue, and one of these days I WILL submit. I keep threatening, so I'll have to make good on that someday...soon. With your drug induced state, issue 4 should be a hoot. ;-)

I'm heading to Maryland for the Borderlands Press Novel Boot Camp on Friday. I've been critiquing my fellow grunts' work and there's some amazing writing coming out of this gang. I'm in awe to be included in this small gang of 16. I'm looking forward to a good rippin' on my novel.

Hey, have fun at Chattacon!

Hugs from CT,

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on... "A couple of times during the summer when it was hot and there were no customers around," and no one comments on that? I used to take mine (when we lived in Florida) to an abandonded farmsite at river's edge (St. John's river in Palatka). Though the farmhouse had burned down and then been bulldozed out of existence, the flowers and fruit trees provided testamony to the care of the occupants. Garden spot with a view of the river...