Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Antho Delivered, Reading and Riding Again

Much of the rest of Life got put on hold while assembling the final pieces of the IGMS anthology, but it's now been delivered to Tor and there's nothing left to do but wait the interminable wait until the book is on the shelves. We haven't been given a publication date yet, but I suspect it won't be before next Spring.

In the mean time it's back to reading again. And riding. Someone asked me at ConCarolinas if I was still training for my bike tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway. 22 miles yesterday; 24 miles the day before that; didn't ride on Sunday, but Saturday I did 35 (that took about two hours). I'm also back into the stories, reading things for the second and, in a few cases, third time. I've got around sixty stories still on my desk and am looking to fill about 15 spots (at the most). I plan to have that knocked out by the end of June/first week of July.

Issue five is getting the finishing touches and should be released sometime during the last week of June. A couple more weeks at most.

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