Monday, June 18, 2007

Time To Hit The Road

I'm driving up to Maryland in a few hours to scope out the town of Cumberland while my wife interviews there for a job. She's the one with the full-time corporate gig that comes with such trivial things like medical and dental benefits and a 401(k). She got laid off about six months ago and it turns out we need those things after all. What are the odds?

This is her fifth interview with this company (three by phone and second in person), so it seems logical at this point for me to go with her and check out the area. On the way home she's going going to drop me and my bicycle off in Front Royal VA (the beginning of the Skyline Drive). I'll cycle the length of the Skyline Drive, part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and stop off at my parent's house near Bedford VA for a few days. I've already spent the past few days here (at my parent's house) helping out here because of some medical problems my dad is having and I promised them I'd stop off again on my way south. I'll be back in Bedford next Saturday or Sunday and will stay a few more days. I'll post an update then.

And for God's sake, if you see someone pedaling along the road for all they are worth, don't honk at them from behind. I'm begging you; it freaks us out.

P.S. Issue five is coming together nicely; mainly waiting on some of the artwork. Should be ready to go around the end of this month.


Aliette said...

Hope your wife's interview goes all right--good luck to her!

Alethea said...

Fingers crossed, and safe travels!

We missed you at Hypericon...