Friday, June 01, 2007


I'm going to be in Chalotte NC this weekend for ConCarolinas. I won't be there Friday evening, but the organizers made up for it by booking me hard the rest of the con, especially Saturday. I've got:

Quick Write - 11 am

Getting Started As Writer - 12 noon (Magnolia Room)

Creating Believable Dialog - 1pm (Magnolia)

What Drives Editors Crazy - 2 pm (Magnolia)

How To Destroy The World - 3 pm (Azalea)

Sci -Fi Whose Line Is It Anyway - 5 pm (Main Salon)

The first three panels are all in the same room, so I'm going to stake my claim to a comfy chair and sit there for three hours. Alethea Kontis, dear girl, is going to be there too (we're even on the 2 pm panel together) and she has volunteered to bring me food during my marathon. And Sunday's schedule is much the same.

Publishing In All It's Forms - 11 am (Magnolia)

Sometime Shorter Is Better - 12 noon (Magnolia)

Writer's Roound Table - 1 pm (Main Salon)

etc. etc.

See what I mean about location of my panels? I own the Magnolia Room. All kiding aside, I'm sure it will be a fun weekend and I'm looking forward to it. GOH is Barbara Hambly. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood. I really do enjoy meeting and talking with fans (and writers) of SF and fantasy.

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