Wednesday, June 06, 2007

IGMS Anthology From Tor

It's officially official: the contracts are in from Tor and Vol. 1 of Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show is being assembled. All four of Scott's 'Ender Universe' stories will be in this anthology, as will tales from approximately a dozen other authors. These are all tales that originally appeared in issues one through four of the on-line version of the magazine, but I wouldn't quite call it a "Best of" anthology; more like a sampler. All four issues of the magazine are represented (roughly) equally and as I selected the stories I also did my best to keep a balanced proportion of SF and Fantasy.

The list of stories is still being finalized (there are one or two tales/authors that are on the fence), and the artists are being notified, too. Artists? Oh yes: each illustration that accompanied the story in the on-line version of IGMS will also be included in the book, as will the graphic novel (fancy way of saying 'comic book') version of OSC's story, "Fat Farm." In addition to being a pleasure to read, it's going to be a gorgeous book to look at.

I feel like a kid on the 22nd of December: I can't wait for the big day to get here. Well, it's more like being a kid on the 22nd of August; it's going to be a little while before Santa brings us any goodies. We have to behave a little longer. I actually don't have the release date yet, but as soon as I do you can be sure I'll tell you about it here first.


Anonymous said...

Great news. As soon as the anthology is up on Amazon, I'm reserving my copy.

Norton G said...

Question: Will the James Maxey story from Issue 3 be in the anthology?