Friday, July 14, 2006

Body Count Remains Low

Well, it's been a good couple of days now. Which largely means I haven't killed anybody. That was a distinct possibly not long ago.

Not too much new to report. On the verge of buying one more story for IGMS but still have a few details to iron out.

It's going to be guest-appearance time this weekend. I've done a lengthy interview with Doug Cohen (assistant editor at Realms of Fantasy) that he's going to post on his blog this weekend:

Also, I've asked Oliver Dale Hanson to write a guest piece for me here at The Freak Show. Oliver is a buddy of mine from Uncle Orson's Writing Class and Boot Camp (class of '04), and his story "Xoco's Fire" was my first official purchace as editor of IGMS. For the record, I only bought the story because he's a friend - it sucks big rocks, really - but that's the way it works in publishing. You don't have to have talent, just Friends (with a capital "F"). Or maybe it doesn't suck. Now you'll just have to pony up $2.50 for the next issue and see for yourself, won't you?


Oliver Dale said...

I can see it now.

Praise for "Xoco's Fire" appearing in IGMS:

"it sucks big rocks, really" -- Ed Schubert, Editor IGMS'

Love it.

Edmund R. Schubert said...

I was going to say it sucked big billy goat rocks, but that would have just been mean...