Friday, July 21, 2006

Conventions, conventions

Getting ready to go to TrinocCon in Raleigh later today. I'll be back late Sunday. Should be an interesting weekend; the Guest of Honor is David Drake, who was close with the recently-passed Jim Baen. They're planning a memorial in Baen's honor. Pluss TrinocCon is also hosting this year's Deep South Con, so I'm expecting a bigger, busier Trinoc than last year's was. I'm look forward to it, of course. Cons are always great times to catch up with people I haven't seen for a while.

Steve Saville and Alethea Kontis stayed here with me last night on their way to the Trinoc. Lee (as I mentioned earlier) just placed her story with IGMS; she also has a children's book called Alpha Ooops just out, and has a YA novel on an editor's desk in NY. Steve just signed a seven book deal and has more success stories than there's room to tell, and he and Lee co-edited the critically acclaimed anthology "Elementals." The three of us stayed up too late last night shooting the bull (and some pool), so I guess you could say we started the con right here at my house without everyone else.

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