Sunday, July 09, 2006

“You have to prepare yourself to concentrate 165 times for 7 seconds”

This has nothing to do with IGMS, but I hope you'll bear with me. One of the reason I got the IGMS job in the first place is that I am also executive editor of a regional business magazine called North Carolina Career Network Magazine. Scott (Card) had seen NCCNM, as well as having read some of my short fiction and the opening chapter to my novel, and in his infinite and indisputable wisdom, decided that those two things together equalled qualification to edit IGMS.

Well, I still edit NCCNM (both magazines are quarterly right now),and one of my favorite parts of the NCCNM job is finding the pull-quotes, which is what I've been working on tonight. Pull-quotes are those quotes pulled from the article (hence the self-evident name) and then planted in the body of that article in big, fat, sometime funky letters to draw your attention to said article. Being the only one during this stage of producution that has actually read all the articles, I'm the one who gets to find the pull-quotes, and it's actually a lot of fun.

“You have to prepare yourself to concentrate 165 times for 7 seconds” - that one goes with an article about Gerald Austin, an NFL referee who lives in NC and has worked three Super Bowls.

“the dangers of social technology are not limited to recent graduates looking for jobs” - that one goes with an article about the dangers of employees blogging under their own names (note to self: read this article closely). Some folks have been fired for writing the wrong things in their blogs.

“This well choreographed message was no accident” - (note to self: see above note to self)

etc., etc.,

The pull-quotes are fun, because I'm looking for that one line that captures the essence of what the article is about, yet is also titillating enough to make people want to read the whole thing.

At least, I think these are titllating. Might just be the glass of wine I had while scanning the articles...

(Note to sefl: go bakc and look for drubken tyops.)

(Additional note to self: go back and re-read article about folks getting fired for writing in their blogs about drinking while performing editorial duties. Idiot.)


Linda Donovan said...

I'm not sure what the "prepare yourself to concentrate 165 times for 7 seconds" means. Does that say we have to concentrate 165 times in a seven-second period of time? Seems an odd statement. Guess I need to read the magazine to find out, hm?

Edmund R. Schubert said...

Good thing you get a contributor copy, eh?

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