Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thirty-Six Hours

Getting lots done, which is good since there's lots and lots and lots to do. But I feel so good about my progress that I had to share. Kids went up to my folks for three days which certainly helps.

Let's see, I finally finished my editorial for NCCNM (which I've been struggling with for 5 or 6 weeks), edited a piece Sheila (publisher of NCCNM) sent me at the very last minute (after telling me we had to cut the current issue from 60 to 52 pages because of increased costs from our printer), got my newspaper article postponed until next week (does that count as getting something done?), edited a humor column for a friend, and wrote the best non-fic article for the HorrorLibarary.net that I've done yet (I've only been writing them for a few months now, but I think this one is particularly good. I'll post a link when it goes live in next month's issue).

On top of that, I figured out some important things about my new novel (working title: Waxing Human) and used that info to write a pair of three page prologues (Prologue The First and Prologue The Second) that I think really crank up the tension. I’m excited about the direction things are going with that.

And last but not least, I traded a bunch of e-mails with Kathleen Bellamy today (OSC’s assistant). I recently sent him the complete list of the stories scheduled to appear in the next issue of IGMS. Unfortunately he is, in Kathleen’s words, “utterly buried trying to finish this novel." This is a problem because we’re all hoping to get a new Ender-universe story out of him for IGMS before we post the next issue, so it’s looking like we’ll have to wait a bit longer than originally planned before that issue goes out. C’est la vie. (She also sent me almost as many new stories as I’ve read this week. I think it’s a plot…)

All in all, though, not to shabby for a thirty-six hour span. I guess busy people do get things done. Tomorrow is dentists chair, then graphic designer's office for the rest of the day. I told my wife if I got done at a reasonable time I'd take her out to dinner in the evening since we'll both be in town anyway. Keep your fingers crossed.

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